Rapid prototyping – your parts when you need them

Why wait for a model of your new product or those vital parts when rapid prototyping by PSA AG means that you can have them in just a few hours? Today’s manufacturing and production sectors are more competitive than ever and more businesses are counting on rapid prototyping to get the results they want. Rapid prototyping using additive manufacturing or 3D printing equipment that enables you to move forward with new product lines or designs. PSA AG has been producing complex parts for over four decades and continues to lead with a unique rapid prototyping service that meets the needs of 21st-century clients. We can develop your model for rapid prototyping using your ideas and specifications quickly and accurately thanks to 3D printing technology. Models can be created and built layer by layer for rapid prototyping in as little as 2 hours while even the most complex, fully functional parts can become a reality in under 40 hours.

Rapid prototyping – the versatile option

Rapid prototyping is the perfect solution for businesses who need fast, accurate results, every time. In fact, our skill and experience in rapid prototyping are trusted by clients in a diverse range of sectors such as the aircraft industry, power engineering, medical laboratories and medical manufacturers and semiconductor technology. We specialise in rapid prototyping and work in ABS, a durable polymer material that is highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications. Rapid prototyping works for a vast range of parts and profiles. No matter how innovative or complex your part or model, rapid prototyping always means fast and precise results at PSA AG. Additive manufacturing is an exciting technique and models are built up layer by layer using computer technology. This advanced method makes rapid prototyping a reality and allows you to achieve your goals with ease. Explore rapid prototyping in more detail now at www.psa-ag.ch and discover how this exciting technique can benefit you.

Our rapid prototyping solution – your new product

If you’re developing a new product or have a great idea but need a model or functional part in a hurry, rapid prototyping is the way. As innovators in rapid prototyping, PSA AG is ideally placed to fulfill your unique requirements and a model can be completed in 2 to 40 hours – depending on dimensions, function and complexity. No object is too complicated and we can take you through the rapid prototyping process step by step. Discover how your idea can come to fruition through rapid prototyping at www.psa-ag.ch. Our combined experience and knowledge of rapid prototyping mean that you’re assured a model or fully functional sample in the fastest time possible. Choose from eight shades of ABS and take your product to the next phase with the help of our gifted team. Do feel free to email or call us with any questions you might have about rapid prototyping and your product or take a look at www.psa-ag.ch for further information.


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