Additive manufacturing tailored to your needs

As the 21st-century moves inexorably on, additive manufacturing is the first choice for manufacturers in every sector. Sometimes referred to as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is a unique process whereby parts are built up layer by layer using the latest computer technology. Additive manufacturing is exciting news in industries where increasingly complex parts including screws and fittings are required. PSA AG is a leader and innovator and the company take additive manufacturing to a new level with services that are fully personalised. Clients rely on PSA AG for additive manufacturing that combines technical skill with quality and excellence. The company works with clients in a diverse range of fields including the aircraft industry, medical and laboratory and engineering. Why not take a look at where you can see additive manufacturing in more detail and explore the possibilities for your business?

Additive manufacturing – make your innovative idea a reality

Perhaps you require a complex series of parts or a new prototype. Additive manufacturing is the perfect solution for manufacturers who want new sizes, shapes, profiles and formats. PSA AG utilises its vast experience in additive manufacturing to offer clients a unique service that takes their need for precision and expediency into account. An additive manufacturing machine is actually a type of industrial robot, one of the many types used by progressive companies today. PSA AG is an industry leader in parts production and additive manufacturing and our ability to produce a three dimensional, fully functional prototype in just a few hours means that you’re not wasting precious time or extending your budget. We can create sample parts or a small series in a timely manner thanks to additive manufacturing equipment that is fast and accurate. We use ABS, a strong and durable polymer that is ideally suited to additive manufacturing processing and we work from your specifications, measurements or drawings. Companies all over the world are coming to rely on additive manufacturing as manufacturing techniques and equipment continue to evolve and PSA AG is their preferred partner.

Additive manufacturing technology and traditional workmanship

PSA AG built its reputation on its commitment to exceptional workmanship, precision and quality. Since the company introduced additive manufacturing to its extensive list of parts manufacture and supply services, clients have been able to count on that same dedication and level of skill. The latest computerised additive manufacturing equipment is operated by experienced technicians who understand the client’s needs fully. Why not take a look at how additive manufacturing can work for you? Do you need small parts with unusual angles, measurements, threads, planes or extensions? Do you want cost effective prototypes quickly? Then you’ll almost certainly benefit from our experience and expertise in additive manufacturing. Our skilled team will walk you through all the options and address any queries you might have regarding additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing of the type you’ll find at is extremely accurate and our friendly team is on hand to advise you or answer any queries you may have.


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